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Continental Army encampment

Discover the life of a Revolutionary War soldier
ARM-Y Continental Army camp - field kitchen

Learn about soldiers’ fare prepared over an earthen kitchen.

The life of a Revolutionary War soldier is vividly portrayed in a re-created Continental Army encampment. Historical interpreters describe and depict daily routines of American soldiers, with demonstrations of military drills, musket and seasonal artillery firing, 18th-century surgical and medical practices, and the role of the quartermaster in managing troop supplies.

Enlist in the Continental Army, and explore the soldiers’ tents and camp kitchen. Throughout the day, historical interpreters demonstrate the steps to fire and load a flintlock musket (weather permitting).

Representing two companies of American soldiers (one-quarter of a regiment), the encampment features rows of soldiers’ tents, an office for an adjutant or secretary, two captains’ quarters and an earthen “kitchen” modeled after specifications in Baron von Steuben’s 1779 “Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States.”  There are several regimental features – quarters for a colonel, surgeon and quartermaster – as well as makeshift dwellings to represent shelter for female relatives of soldiers who followed the army and earned wages for performing domestic chores.

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