Anna's Adventures

This kid’s video series features action-packed history adventures! Explore life in colonial and Revolutionary America, as your host Anna visits Jamestown Settlement and The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. Download each episode’s activity sheet for more fun at home.

Ship Shape! Activity Sheet
Board a 17th-century ship with Anna and discover how passengers and crew survived the high seas as they journeyed to Jamestown.  Then use the activity sheets to try your hand at being a sailor or passenger!

Eat Like a Powhatan Activity Sheet
Compare modern and Powhatan cornbread recipes, then learn more about the Powhatan food practices and seasons by playing the ‘Powhatan Seasons of Food’ matching game.

Map It! Activity Sheet
Practice using map terms with the John Smith map (as seen in the video) identification activity and by creating your own neighborhood map, then create your own compass.

Pick and Pickle Activity Sheet
Follow simple recipes to create your own preserved food at home, complete a word search and identify preservation methods in an illustration of 18th-century foods.

Drums and Drills Activity Sheet
Learn more about Baron von Steuben, a key trainer of the Continental Army, and practice the facing commands taught to Anna using the provided illustrations.

Nine Men’s Morris Activity Sheet
Download the directions and game board for “Nine Men’s Morris,” a strategy game which provided entertainment for Revolutionary War soldiers.