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American Revolution

Anna’s Adventures

I Spy Activity Sheet Espionage abounded during the Revolutionary War.  Join Anna for a spy adventure and then try your hand at using some tools of the trade! Simple Machines Activity Sheet Join Anna and learn how Jamestown settlers got jobs done using simple machines!  Try your hand at identifying, using and making simple and compound machines of your own. Ship Shape! Activity Sheet Board

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Yorktown Chronicles

These films envision the conversations of Generals George Washington and Charles Cornwallis, as they reflect on the American Revolution and their pivotal role in how it plays out.

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Eighteenth Century Tobacco Economy

Video and Classroom Instruction Unit Tobacco was an important crop grown in Virginia and the other southern colonies before the American Revolution and was essential to the economy during colonial times. In this video, two young visitors learn about growing tobacco, why it was called a cash crop, how the farmer exchanged his tobacco for a note rather than cash and how farming changed during and

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Women of the America Revolution

Join young museum visitors Rachel and Autumn as they explore the many roles women played during the American Revolution.

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Passionality Profiles

The Passionality Profiles are a series of first-person video interviews with historical interpretive staff at Jamestown Settlement and the Yorktown Victory Center. These employees describe how their "passion" for Virginia history inspires them at work. Kristin Detwiler, a Jamestown Settlement historical interpreter, explains why she's passionate about early 17th-century Virginia history. Ana

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Curator’s Corner

The Curator’s Corner is a video series that highlights artifacts found in the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation collection, from the perspective of curatorial staff and conservators. Currently, these videos highlight artifacts which will be exhibited at the Yorktown Victory Center. These artifacts will be transferred to the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, replacing the Yorktown Victory Center

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Jeremiah Greenman

Learn about the hardships facing a young American soldier in the Revolutionary War. This video is based on the military journal of Jeremiah Greenman, a solider in the Continental Army. Revolutionary Soldier Thousands of men joined the Continental Army, under the command of General George Washington. Most were from the middle and lower ranks of society and enlisted as privates. Learn about t

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From Matchlock to Flintlock

Explore the mechanics of matchlock and flintlock muskets in this video about 17th- and 18th-century firearms. Make ready, present your piece, FIRE! Explore the mechanics of matchlock and flintlock muskets in this video about 17th- and 18th-century firearms. Historical interpreters present daily musket demonstrations in Jamestown Settlement’s re-created colonial fort and the American Revoluti

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Colonial Holiday Traditions

Discover how the holidays were celebrated by Jamestown settlers and Revolutionary War soldiers. These videos highlight colonial holiday traditions, which are featured in our annual special events "Foods & Feasts of Colonial Virginia" and "A Colonial Christmas." Visit during the holiday season and save with the Web-only special History is Fun! for the Holidays Ticket. Foods & Feasts o

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