Scouting Merit Badges

Choose from one of three programs that will support the completion of the following merit badges: American Cultures, Virginia Indians or American Heritage.

Cultures at Jamestown – Through an interactive guided tour at Jamestown Settlement, Scouts are introduced to the Powhatan Indians, English Settlers and West Central Africans. Discover how the ideas and knowledge of these 3 cultures impact, both positive and negative, each other. Scouts also spend time in the classroom investigating primary sources and reproduction objects related to each culture, and work collaboratively to create a mini exhibit on each of the cultures.  This tour meets requirements of the American Cultures merit badge.

The boys were fully engaged and completely enjoyed the experience!  A totally worthwhile experience. Thank you so much!” – Scoutmaster, Troop #66, Connecticut

Kindling a Spark – Explore the culture and technology of the Powhatan Indians at Jamestown Settlement! Test your skills at fire-starting as you work together to compare techniques of the Powhatan Indians and English Settlers. This tours meets requirements of the Indian Lore merit badge.

It was cool to see the different cargo ships as well as the style of life of natives at one time.”   – Scoutmaster, Troop #32, Massachusetts

Life of a Private At the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, explore our nation’s founding documents and learn about the choices people made and the challenges they faced throughout the Revolution. Participate in a military drill in the Continental Army Encampment. This tour meets requirements of the American Heritage merit badge.

Great hands-on experiences!  The interpreter and guide were wonderful.  Both were personable and great at keeping scouts engaged.”  – Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop #154, Delaware

Program length: 2.5 hours; Rate: B

To book a tour or program, contact reservations:

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Groups of 15 or more require advance reservations.

Guided tour reservations required at least three business days in advance and are subject to availability. We recommend making tour reservations at least two months in advance for fall and winter trips, and up to four months in advance for trips in the spring.

Reservations are also requested for self-guided groups.

Consult Group Admission Rates,  Field Trip Planning Made Easy and the Teacher Checklist to prepare for your visit.