Broadside Summer History Camps

Summer 2018 Programs

Forging AheadPrograms are held in classrooms at Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, with fun and educational activities, such as stories, games, crafts, snacks and visits to the galleries and living-history areas.

Advance online registration is required. Register Now! For more information, call (757) 253-4732.

Jamestown Settlement

Three days (Monday-Wednesday each week) from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Ages 4-6 – Jamestown Adventurers
July 23-25
$63 for the 3-day session

Are you ready to jump into the past and explore the daily life of pirates, Powhatan Indians and monarchs? Discover what life was really like in 1607 during these hands-on adventures!

Painted Powhatans – Come learn how body art, shells, feathers, beads and even animal claws were fashionable attire for Virginia Indian men, women and children.

Pirates and Privateers – Discover the difference between pirates and privateers as you take to the high seas!

Royal Review – Join the royal court of His Majesty King James I of England. Do you have what it takes to rule an empire?

4th to 5th Grades – Jamestown Explorers
June 18-20, June 25-27 or July 16-18
$63 for the 3-day session

Explorers dive into history’s mysteries through stories of individuals who witnessed the development of the new colony at Jamestown.

John Rolfe and Ann Burras – How would you survive the harshness of a new land, far away from the home you have always known? Explore what life was like for the early colonists and what jobs needed to be done when they arrived.

Wahunsunacock – How did the leader of the Powhatan Indians react to the arrival of the English in 1607? Explore trade between these two cultures as Chief Powhatan works for the survival of his tribes.

Christopher Newport – Successfully bringing the colonists to Jamestown was just another voyage across the Atlantic for this seasoned captain. How did Newport and his crews find their way without modern-day GPS?

American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

Two days (Thursday-Friday each week) from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Ages 4-6 – Yorktown Adventurers
June 28-29 or July 19-20
$42 for the 2-day session

Are you ready to march with George Washington and get your hands dirty on the farm to make your mark on Revolutionary history?

Show Your Colors – Find red, white and blue all throughout the Continental Army encampment as you create your flag and march with George Washington’s army!

Growing Goodies – Do you have what it takes to manage your garden and grow your own vegetables? Test your skills and get your hands dirty while learning about foods of the 18th century. 

1st to 3rd Grade – Yorktown Discoverers
June 28-29
$42 for the 2-day session

Discoverers try their hand at 18th-century skills while working together to solve clues and help deliver victory.

Sew What? – As war lasts longer, colonists had to become more self-sufficient as they are cut off from English imports. How would you get new supplies for your home?

Just Write – Create your own Revolutionary War journal to record your life a a soldier.

4th-5th Grade  – Yorktown Explorers
June 21-22 or July 19-20
$42 for the 2-day session

Dive into history as explorers solve history’s mysteries surrounding the American Revolution

James Lafayette – Study the skills of an “invisible” spy in General Cornwallis’ camp. Do you have what it takes to send secrets to the Marquis de Lafayette to aid your army in victory?

George Washington – Discover the life of George Washington before he was George Washington. Can you find a way to claim new land for the colonists?


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