Cultures at Jamestown

Three cultures converged at Jamestown – the Powhatan Indians, the English and the Africans – each of whom had their own unique way of life. Students compared and contrast these three cultures and learn about their interactions.

Background Essay

Cultures at Jamestown – Essay

Lesson Plans and Resources

Looking at Jamestown From a Geographic Perspective – Making a Bulleting Board
• Jamestown Geography – Period Images

How do we know what we know? Analyzing Pictures
• Portrait of Pocahontas
• Picture Analysis Worksheet
• Pocahontas – Background Essay

How do we know what we know? Analyzing Documents
• Nova Brittania – Broadside
• Indenture Agreement
• Document Analysis Worksheet
• Tobacco and Labor – Background Essay

Cultures at Jamestown – Comparing Cultures
• Comparing Cultures – Images of Powhatan Indians, English and Africans
• Comparing Cultures – Period Quotes
• Comparing Cultures – Comparison Chart
• Comparing Cultures – Guiding Questions
• Cultures at Jamestown – Background Essay

Packing for Jamestown – Packing a Trunk
• Packing for Jamestown Activity Sheet
• Bartering for Goods – Period Quotes
• Trading with the Powhatans – Period Image

Jamestown People and Their Environment – Role Play
• Young Pocahontas Biography
• John Smith Biography
• Henry Spelman Biography
• Angelo Biography
• Role Play Sample Questions

Legacies of Jamestown – Designing a Poster
• Cultures at Jamestown – Essay