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Homeschool Tours and Programs

American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

Homeschool Program Days

Homeschool Program Days are held annually in early to mid-September. Homeschool students will love discovering the sights and sounds of the 17th and 18th centuries while learning about their nation’s history.

A combination ticket for both Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown is available at a special rate for homeschool families. Tickets include unlimited admission to visit both museums as many times as you like during Homeschool Program Days.

If you can’t visit during Homeschool Program Days, our homeschool daily rates are available for home educators with their students. Tickets are only available for purchase on site at one of the museums and valid for one visit per museum.

Homeschool daily rates are not valid during annual Homeschool Program Days. Valid homeschool identification must be presented at check in.

Homeschool Program Days Ticket

Jamestown Settlement Paspahegh Town_Homeschool Program Days

Admission to Jamestown Settlement & American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

Throughout Homeschool Program Days, enjoy unlimited admission at Jamestown Settlement to view introductory film 1607: A Nation Takes Root, permanent exhibition galleries and re-creations of 1607 ships, a Paspahegh town and a 1610-1614 fort. Enjoy unlimited admission at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown to explore exhibition galleries and re-creations of a Continental Army encampment and Revolution-era farm.

Education Stations

Education stations at each museum will allow families to interact with educators as they explore a variety of historical topics as well as critical thinking, primary source analysis and how historians use clues from the past to put together a historical narrative.

At Jamestown Settlement, stations will examine the ways English colonists tried to make money for the Virginia Company of London, the importance of fire as a technology among the Virginia Indian, English and West Central African cultures, and the different types of sources that we can use to learn about the past.

At the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, stations will examine the roles of Native Americans in the American Revolution, lives of Black soldiers who fought in the Revolution, and how women participated in the war.

For more information about homeschool experiences and homeschool daily rates offered at our museums, click here or contact group reservations at (757) 253-4939, (888) 868-7593 or