American Revolution Museum at Yorktown - Group Tours and Programs

Let a Foundation educator guide your group on an interactive, hands-on tour.

Some programs are currently unavailable to support COVID-19 health and safety regulations. Certain restrictions apply, please call (757) 253-4939 to schedule your tour. 

General tours explore history through role-playing, examination of primary sources and object analysis. Or book an enhanced tour to develop a deeper understanding of 18th-century colonial America and the Revolution.

Student tours and programs are correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning, National Standards for History, National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies and Common Core. STEM objectives are incorporated into a number of programs. See detailed program descriptions for more information.

Different educational programs are offered at different rates (Rates A, B and C). General and themed guided tours are available under Rate A. A program with a guided tour is available at Rate B. If no educational component or guided tour is desired, self-guided tours (on your own) are available at Rate C.

Tours and programs are for groups of 15 or more. To book, contact Group Reservations:
(757) 253-4939 • (888) 868-7593 • fax (757) 253-4997 •


Guided Tour – 2 hours: Explores life during the American Revolution, the Revolution’s impact on the diverse people of America, and the development of the new nation. This hands-on experience features visits to the re-created Continental Army encampment, Revolution-era farm, and museum gallery. All ages.

Revolution and the New Nation – 2 hours: Features engaging activities for secondary school students that highlight the significance of the founding documents of the United States, including the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and Constitution. Students tour the re-created Continental Army encampment, Revolution-era farm, and museum gallery. Virginia Social Studies Standards of Learning Objectives CE.1, CE.2, CE.3, VUS.5, GOVT.1, GOVT.2. Grade 9 to adult.

Living-History Sampler Tour – 1 hour: Designed to help groups get the most out of very limited time. Museum educator presents an overview of the re-created Continental Army encampment and Revolution-era farm. All ages.


Visit the museum on your own at your own pace.

To book a tour or program, contact Reservations:

(757) 253-4939 • (888) 868-7593 • fax (757) 253-4997 •

Groups of 15 or more require advance reservations.

Guided tour reservations required at least three business days in advance and are subject to availability. We recommend making tour reservations at least two months in advance for fall and winter trips, and up to four months in advance for trips in the spring.

Consult Field Trip Planning Made Easy and the Teacher Checklist to prepare for your visit.