2022 Military Re-enactment Units

A Chronological Timeline of Military History
Military Through the Ages Timeline


500 BCEThe Greek Phalanx *Winner of 2022 Visitors' Choice Award*
804Scara Karoli (Charlemagne's Army)
984Ostvik Vikings
1410La Belle Compagnie, Hundred Years War
1529Das TeufelsAlpdrücken Fähnlein (The Devil’s Nightmare Regiment)
1550-1600Wilde Irish
1703Crewe of the Retribution
1745Appin Regiment, Jacobite Uprising
1757-1763Rogers’ Rangers
18073eme' D'ligne Regiment, Napoleon's Grande Armee
181295th Rifles, 1st Battalion, Wellington's Army
1813American Forces, Hampton Roads, War of 1812 *Winner of 2022 Re-enactor's Choice Award*
181542nd Royal Highland Regiment, No. 3 Coy
1862 3rd U.S. Regular Infantry Regiment, Co. K, Fort Monroe, VA
1862U.S.S. Aroostook, Tidewater Maritime Living History Association
1862-1863 2nd Corps. Field Hospital, CSA
1861-1865Norfolk Light Artillery Blues
1864Civil War Impressionist Association *Winner of 2022 Visitors' Choice Award Honorable Mention*
1866Prussian 1st Foot Guards
187924th Regiment of Foot
1899-1902The Highland Brigade, War in South Africa
1918305th Engineers, 80th Division, AEF
1918Old Dominion Air Squadron, APS
1937-1939XV Brigada Internacional
1943-1944 US Army Ground Forces, 100th Infantry Division
19441st WAC Separate Battalion, Able Company
19441st Canadian Parachute Battalion, Headquarters Company
194441st Armored Infantry Regiment, Intel & Recon (I&R) Platoon
1944American Red Cross Mobile Canteen
1944-194551st Engineer Combat Battalion
19441st Airborne Division
1945Polish II Corps, Italy, WWII Polish Living History
1944-19531st Squadron, 5th Wilno Brigade, Cursed Soldiers
1968MACV Recondo School, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces
“Nha Trang, RVN 1968"
1968Bravo Company, 1st Bn., 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, Vietnam
1975-19793 Commando, Rhodesian Light Infantry
198382nd Airborne Division, Operation Urgent Fury, Central Virginia Timeline Association
2022U.S. Army Transportation Museum
2022National Museum of the Marine Corps
2022111th Field Artillery, Virginia Army National Guard
Sutlers/Period Merchants

MMM Fab & Forge, 18th century
Clay Smith, Gunsmith
K. Walters at the Sign of the Gray Horse, 18th century