2019 Military Through the Ages Awards

1st Polish Armored Division
Woman’s Land Army

Devils Nightmare RegimentBEST UNIT IMPRESSION – Cold Steel Period 

First Place – La Belle Compagnie

Second Place – Legio IX Hispana

Third Place – Devil’s Nightmare Regiment

Crewe of Archangel tableBEST UNIT IMPRESSION –Black Powder Period

First Place – American Forces War of 1812

Second Place – Crewe of the Retribution

Third Place – 3rd U.S. Regular Infantry

Polish First Infantry DivisionBEST UNIT IMPRESSION – Modern Period

First Place – 1st WAC Separate Battalion

Second Place – Woman’s Land Army

Third Place – 1st Allied Airborne Army

Honorable Mention – MAC-V Recondo

Devils Nightmare RegimentBEST UNIT DEMONSTRATION – Cold Steel Period

First Place – The Devil’s Nightmare Regiment

Second Place – The Army of Ui Neill

Third Place – Legio IX Hispana


7th Virginia Regiment artilleryBEST UNIT DEMONSTRATION – Black Powder Period

First Place –7th Regiment

Second Place – 95th Regiment of Foot

Third Place – 3rd United States Regular Infantry

51st EngineersBEST UNIT DEMONSTRATION– Modern Period

First Place – 1st Allied Airborne Army

Second Place – 51st Engineer Combat Battalion

Third Place – Abraham Lincoln Battalioin

Best Foodways Demonstration – Early History

First Place – Devil’s Nightmare Regiment

Second Place –  Scara Karoli

Third Place – La Belle Compagnie

Best Foodways Demonstration – Modern History

First Place – The Highland Brigade

Second Place – 1st Allied Airborne Army

Third Place – 3te Kompanie IR 226