African Exhibit Tours

Jamestown Settlement

Jamestown Settlement gallery African exhibit themes are reflected in two special tours available to groups with advance reservations.

Benin copper alloy bracelets, 17th-19th century, JYF collection

Benin copper alloy bracelets, 17th-19th century. Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation collection.

African Red Gold

“African Red Gold,” a premium-theme private tour at Jamestown Settlement for parties of 14 or less, highlights the museum’s African collection and features a behind-the-scenes visit with a curator to see objects of copper, known as “red gold,” not currently on display.

The “African Red Gold” tour for parties of 14 or less is $145 per party plus individual museum admission $17.00 for adults, $8.00 for ages 6-12.

From Africa to Virginia

“From Africa to Virginia,” a one-hour tour of Jamestown Settlement galleries for groups of 15 or more with advance reservations, focuses on the story of the 1619 arrival of the first recorded Africans in Virginia.

The guided tour is $16.40 for adults, $6.25 for students K-college, and includes admission to the entire museum.


Reservations for either tour can be made at (888) 868-7593 toll-free or (757) 253-4939.