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Interactive Learning Experiences

Tap into online learning opportunities that keep minds engaged using innovative technology designed to extend the learning experience. Embark on interactive adventures with digital tools that dig deeper into America’s beginnings and draw meaningful connections to today.

Legacy Wall

Explore the legacies of Jamestown and their impact on America. History is comprised of the stories of people and events connected over space and time. In 1606, the region that would come to be known as Jamestown was inhabited by an eastern woodland tribe – the Powhatan Indians. In 1607, the English arrived and established the first permanent English settlement in North America. The legacy of Jamestown continues in our lives today. Learn more through the Legacy of Jamestown Interactive.


Tenacity Legacy Wall

A touch-screen Tenacity Legacy Wall allows visitors to explore stories of women from 1607 to the present day in five themes — occupation, citizenship, marriage, education and healthcare. Visitors will be able to share stories of influential women across history, including those in their own lives and families, and add them to the timeline.


Liberty Tree

Share your thoughts with the world by posting a message on the Liberty Tree.  The 17-foot metal sculptural tree, rooted in the galleries at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, features 20 electronic lanterns that display liberty messages from all over the world. While our nation’s founders were still fighting for our freedom in the American Revolution, the Liberty Tree became a symbol of defiance as brave patriots gathered to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with British rule and share dreams of establishing a new nation. – one based on the distinctly American ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. See what others from across the world have had to say and post your own message of liberty for everyone to see.


Artifactually Yours Quiz

Artifactually Yours

Determine which 17th-century artifact you’d match with in this personality quiz. Artifacts have personalities just like people. If you were a 17th-century artifact from Powhatan, Angolan or English cultures, which would you be? Take our “Artifactually Yours” quiz to find your perfect match! Players select one of four possible responses to each of 10 questions and are then “matched” with one of 16 artifacts from the era – reflecting the diversity of the three cultures that lived in Jamestown in the early 17th-century – with a description detailing who used it and what it was used for appearing alongside an image of the artifact.


How Revolutionary Are You? Personality Quiz

How Revolutionary are You?

Play this online quiz to be paired with your revolutionary counterpart. What do you have in common with the people of the American Revolution? Answer 10 multiple choice questions and be paired with your “revolutionary” counterpart! In “How Revolutionary Are You?” players select one of four possible responses to each of 10 questions and are then “matched” with one of the 20 subjects – reflecting the diversity of the people caught up in the Revolution – whose image and profile appear on the screen.