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‘So Fitt a Messenger’—How John Pory’s ‘Proceedings’ Got to London

By Nancy Egloff, Historian, Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation An English man-of-war, the White Lion, played an important role in not just one, but two significant events in Virginia in 1619. In late August 1619 the ship sailed into Point Comfort (present-day Hampton) with “twenty and odd Negroes,” bringing the first recorded Africans to Virginia. Piloted by Englishman Marmaduke Rayner, it entered t

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[jwplatform dlEPTyHg] Angelo Video Script From 1618 to 1620 the Portuguese fought the people of Ndongo in western Africa. Thousands of Africans were abducted and killed by African warlords and mercenaries employed by the Portuguese in Angola. Many were marched from their villages to the port of Luanda. Some escaped. Some died. They were often kept in terrible conditions for m

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[jwplatform ntuwISXH][jwplatform ntuwISXH]     Tomocomo  video Script [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="175"] Wahunsonacock, Chief Powhatan photo 1607. A Nation Takes Root[/caption] Uttamatomakkin, also known as Tomocomo, was a priest-counselor to Chief Powhatan. Matachanna, his wife, was Pocahontas’ half-sister. Tomocomo’s homeland was Tsenacommacah

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Ann Burras

[jwplatform rn2IGkx4] Ann Burras video Script The first English women arrived in Virginia when Captain Christopher Newport brought two to Jamestown on his second supply ship in October of 1608. Ann Burras — an unmarried young woman in her teens — accompanied Mistress Forest as her maid. Mistress Forest had come with her husband (probably Thomas — listed among the s

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Thomas Savage

[jwplatform e37NWUtf]     Thomas Savage video script In 1621, John Pory wrote: “This Thomas Savage… hath served the public without any public recompense, yet had an arrow shot through his body in that service." Thomas Savage left England at the age of 13 to cross the Atlantic with Captain Christopher Newport, arriving in Virginia on the first supply ship in 1608, eight

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National History Day / Virginia History Day

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Scouting Merit Badges

Choose from one of three programs that will support the completion of the following merit badges: American Cultures, Virginia Indians or American Heritage. Cultures at Jamestown – Through an interactive guided tour at Jamestown Settlement, Scouts are introduced to the Powhatan Indians, English Settlers and West Central Africans. Discover how the ideas and knowledge of these 3 cultures impact, b

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What did Jamestown look like in the early 17th century?

[caption id="attachment_24200" align="aligncenter" width="642"] Employments of Englishmen, Theodor de Bry[/caption] Download this lesson: Jamestown Geography lesson plan GRADE LEVEL Upper Elementary STANDARDS AND SKILLS Virginia Standards of Learning VS.3, VS.4 Applying geographic skills, Demonstrating comprehension, Making connections, Using information sources, Comparing and contras

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Yorktown Gallery Sampler Tour

Are you a patriot or a loyalist? Find out which side of the Revolution you stand on as you explore our state-of-the-art interactive exhibits and displays in our gallery. Learn about the people, politics and issues that founded the United States of America. For all ages. Great for adults! Program complies with VA Social Studies Standards of Learning.    “This was a really good tour for

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Revolution and the New Nation

What challenges faced the Founding Fathers as they struggled to form a new nation? Discover how George Washington and other Founding Fathers won the Revolutionary War and created the foundational documents of the United States of America, including the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation and Constitution. Students engage in role play and document analysis as they take sides in t

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