World of 1607 Radio Minutes

‘The World of 1607’ Audio Minutes



‘The World of 1607,’ a yearlong exhibition portraying Jamestown and Virginia in a global context, explored sub-Saharan African kingdoms, the Ottomans as a world power, the beginnings of globalization, scientific achievement in Europe and the Islamic world, and the relationship of church and state.

These audio “minutes” investigate the themes of the exhibit and provide an introduction to enrich your understanding. Double-click the PLAY button under each title to listen.

Church and State
Discover how the Church of England was central to the lives of the Jamestown settlers.

The Ottomans as a World Power
Learn about the powerful and wealthy Ottoman Empire of the 17th-century and how English involvment with that region promoted the economy in England and overseas expansion.

New Worlds, New Science
Find out how the many advancements in the sixteenth century made the journey to Jamestown possible.

Sub-Saharan African Kingdoms
Explore the vast and varied land of seventeenth century Atlantic Africa.

The Age of Expansion
Discover how revolutionary changes in shipbuilding and navigation allowed 17th-century societies to connect by way of the oceans.