Bermuda Exhibition

Jamestown and Bermuda: Virginia Company Colonies
Jamestown Settlement Special Exhibition

March 1-October 15, 2009

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This special exhibition explores the shared history and links between England’s first two permanent colonies in the New World, on the occasion of Bermuda’s 400th anniversary.

A British presence was established in Bermuda in 1609 when the Sea Venture, the flagship of a fleet en route to Jamestown, Virginia, founded two years earlier, was shipwrecked.

Beginning with the wreck of the Sea Venture, upon which Shakespeare’s play The Tempest is based, the exhibition traces Bermuda’s 400-year history, highlighting its importance as a strategic location and emergence as a premier travel destination in the 20th century.

The exhibition features more than two dozen artifacts from theSea Venture underwater archaeological site and objects associated with early government and the Church of England in Virginia and Bermuda.

A dozen 19th- and 20th-century paintings by leading American, Canadian and British artists depicting Bermuda scenes are exhibited along with posters and other promotional materials illustrating the popularity of both Virginia and Bermuda as travel destinations.

1633 map of Bermuda web.jpg

1633 map of Bermuda web.jpg

1633 Map of Bermuda, Willem Blaeu,
Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation collection.

Watch a video about the Sea Venture and its effect on the colony at Jamestown.

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