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Dig Deeper: Yorktown Under Siege

Join the Continental Army and their French allies as they seek to trap Cornwallis at Yorktown! Groups discover how soldiers built trenches and redoubts to fend off their enemies. They master the skills of laying out fortifications in the 18th-century style by actually building their own. They learn how the weather and physics helped seal the fate of the British army. This tour combines hands-on hi

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Dig Deeper: Crack the Code

Can you get an important message to General Washington? The Revolution is at stake and only you can use common letter, numerical and masking codes to get this vital information secretly to headquarters! Students work cooperatively to analyze intelligence reports and decide which information to send to General Washington. They encode, send and decode messages while exploring the stories of Washingt

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Colonial Life

Explore the roles and daily chores of each family member that kept the farm running smoothly. Participate in a cooking activity on the re-created Revolution-era farm and analyze reproduction artifacts to compare life in 1700s Virginia to life in Virginia today. For grades 1 to 3. Program complies with VA Social Studies Standards of Learning.    “Excellent program to show students what

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Life of a Private

Why did the American Revolution succeed? Students investigate causes of the Revolutionary War and learn what life was like for those serving in the Continental Army – not just as soldiers, but also as civilians. Students explore the reasons Americans won the war and the struggle to create a new nation. The program includes a visit to the re-created Continental Army encampment, Revolution-era farm,

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Yorktown Guided Tour

Experience life in Revolutionary War Virginia. How did farmers, soldiers, and statesmen navigate the unknown as they worked to shape American democracy? Learn about daily life in the 18th-century in our recreated continental Army encampment, Revolution-era farm, and gallery spaces. For all ages. Program complies with VA Social Studies Standards of Learning.  “This was excellent!  We have not c

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Arts and Artisans of the 17th Century

Discover highlights of the Jamestown Settlement gallery including a 17th century English silver steeple cup used as a lottery prize to raise money for the Virginia Company, African gold weights and an African crucifix, and other utilitarian and art objects of the African, English and Powhatan Indian cultures. Great for adult groups! Program complies with VA Social Studies Standards of Learning

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Dig Deeper: Kindling a Spark

In the re-created Powhatan village and James Fort, students compare cultures as they discover the sometimes surprising ways the Powhatan Indians and English settlers used fire in early colonial Virginia.  Students apply physics principles to test fire starting using English flint and steel and a bow drill used by some American Indian groups. Students work to produce a spark and then compare the tw

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Dig Deeper: Setting Sail

At the ship’s pier, students work in teams to complete the tasks of a 17th-century ship’s crew and learn what it took to be an explorer like Christopher Newport!  As part of a crew, tie knots, lift cargo and determine the speed of your ships. Students put their science and math skills to work to determine their position and plot a course to reach Virginia’s shores!  For grades 5 and up. Progra

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Powhatan’s People

Keep the focus on the history and culture of the Powhatan Indians as students explore the re-created Powhatan Indian Village to figure out their technology, visit the river to learn how they used the waterways and examine artifacts in the gallery to discover what happened to the Powhatan Indian lands after the English arrival in 1607. For kindergarten to 1st grade. Program complies with VA Soc

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People, Plants, and Animals

Students use their senses to discover and analyze objects, observe, identify and make simple classifications, and examine how people affected change on the natural resources in the area. For grades 1 to 3. Program complies with VA Social Studies and Science Standards of Learning.    “The program was engaging and interactive!  The wolf/deer game was our favorite.” - 1st Grade Elementary

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