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A Day in the Life

  Learn about the daily lives of Powhatan women in the 17th century through this interactive quiz.

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Timeline of the American Revolution

[caption id="attachment_24456" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Washington Crossing the Delaware[/caption] Download the American Revolution Timeline

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Siege of Yorktown Timeline

[caption id="attachment_24448" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Siege of Yorktown[/caption] In January 1781, the prospects for victory looked grim for the American cause. The Continental Congress was out of money, American soldiers suffered from a lack of food and pay, and General Washington faced mutinies in several major units of his army. But by the end of the year, a combined force of Amer

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In the Name of Liberty

After the colonies declared their independence, the military conflict between America and Great Britain developed into an all-out war, involving American, British, German, and eventually, French soldiers. The Revolution eventually became a long and brutal struggle that divided many communities and affected all Americans. After more than two centuries, the conflict that won American independence ha

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A Jamestown Timeline

Christopher Columbus never reached the shores of the North American Continent, but European explorers learned three things from him: there was someplace to go, there was a way to get there, and most importantly, there was a way to get back. Thus began the European exploration of what they referred to as the “New World.” This timeline details important events in the establishment of the fi

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Liberty Tree

Share your thoughts with the world by posting a message on the Liberty Tree.  The 17-foot metal sculptural tree, rooted in the galleries at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, features 20 electronic lanterns that display liberty messages from all over the world.  You can enter your thoughts on liberty by clicking the button below. Send your message to the tree for everyone to see in the mu

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How Revolutionary Are You?

  What do you have in common with the people of the American Revolution? Answer 10 multiple choice questions and be paired with your "revolutionary" counterpart! With twenty possible outcomes, you will see the diversity of those who's lives were touched by the American Revolution.

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The Jamestown Chronicles

The Jamestown Chronicles is a series of spoken monologues allowing us to meet some of the men and women who shaped this rich, tumultuous chapter in American history. Step back in time as you watch the films, then explore the links to historical backgrounds, biographies, timelines, and a glossary to learn more about the history and culture of the Jamestown settlement. The Jamestown Chroni

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Discovering Jamestown

The Discovering Jamestown electronic classroom provides historical context for an exploration of the beginnings of America by combining educational videos, lesson plans, and primary source images and historic maps related to the English, the Powhatan Indians, and the Africans who were brought to America in the early 17th century.   The Discovering Jamestown electronic classroom was

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Yorktown Chronicles

In the midst of conflict, two men lead the fight for their country’s cause – one fiercely loyal to his King and the other devoted to the cause of freedom. Follow the incredible journeys of British General Charles Cornwallis and American General George Washington from the beginning of their careers through their involvement in the American Revolution and their accomplishments after the war.

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