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Powhatan Indian World

Explore Powhatan culture using reproduction artifacts. Learn how Virginia Indians in the Eastern Woodlands used natural resources to produce tools, clothing, houses and food. Discover how gender roles and the seasons shaped the lives of the Powhatan men, women and children.  “The instructor was wonderful! She got my students up and moving and kept their attention during the whole program. They lo

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Cultures at Jamestown

Jamestown’s founding brought people from three distinct cultures together – English, Powhatan Indian and West Central African. Through artifact analysis, role play and inquiry-based discussion, participants examine the characteristics of these three cultures in the 17th century and their impacts on shaping the new Virginia colony. "This program was great! It was very engaging and entertaining. Th

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Life at Jamestown

Investigate the motivations, hardships, and successes of colonists trying to establish the first permanent English settlement in the New World. Gain a better understanding of what life was like in the Virginia colony by exploring replica clothes, tools, and equipment like those used by early settlers. “This program is absolutely amazing! I not only enjoy the hands on experience for my students, b

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Virginia Then

Students compare and contrast Virginia today with colonial life during the early settlement of Jamestown and the American Revolution by analyzing natural surroundings, food, shelter, and clothing. Hear stories about influential people in the history of Virginia and their contributions to the Commonwealth, with emphasis on Powhatan, Pocahontas, Christopher Newport, and George Washington. “The inst

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Road to Independence

Why did colonists risk their place in the thriving British economic empire by traveling the “Road to Independence”? By examining the lives, choices, and reproduction artifacts representing Virginia farm families, artisans, enslaved people, and Native Americans, students will actively learn how even small civic actions had important effects. “Thank you for bringing this amazing program to my s

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From Rebels to Patriots

      How did a group of colonial rebels defeat the greatest military empire in the western world and become patriotic citizens of a new nation? Students will critically analyze reproduction objects of everyday American soldiers and civilians, creatively debate issues that led to revolution and war, and learn the roles that famous Virginians played in winning independence

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