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The Jamestown Chronicles is a series of spoken monologues allowing us to meet some of the men and women who shaped this rich, tumultuous chapter in American history. Step back in time as you watch the films, then explore the links below to learn more about the history and culture of the Jamestown settlement.

Historical Background | Film Character Background | The Making of the Chronicles

The Jamestown Chronicles were made possible by Archibald Andrews Marks.


Historical Background

Timeline of Events


Historical Summaries (printable PDF documents)

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Character Background

Learn more about each historical figure.

The Making of The Jamestown Chronicles


Angela: Johanna A. Sakponou
Ann Burras Laydon: Jen Meharg
James I: Ernest Skinner
Thomas Savage: Scott Wichmann
Tomocomo: Ed Winddancer

Production Crew

Graham Copeland
Ed Damerel
Ashley Gardner
Homer Lanier
Brenda Rosseau
Ernest Skinner
Melinda Skinner

Web Crew

webbones LLC: Susan Martin, Stephanie Saccone
Jere Kittle
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Jamestown Settlement
Agecroft Hall, Richmond

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The Jamestown Chronicles is produced by the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation for America’s 400th Anniversary celebration.

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