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The Yorktown Chronicles

The Yorktown Chronicles

Yorktown Chronicles home page

Home page of The Yorktown Chronicles

American colonists, unhappy with the way Britain was trying to tax and control them following the French and Indian War, at first attempted reconciliation with the mother country but eventually turned to armed conflict and a declaration of their independence.  The British, on the other hand, thought it only fair that the colonists pay for the protection of their homeland and were surprised by such a negative reaction from the Americans.

As conflict between the American colonies and Great Britain intensified in the 1770s, two men stepped forward to defend their principles and countrymen.  One man stayed fiercely loyal to his king, and the other was devoted to the cause of freedom.  The stories of these two men, George Washington and Charles Cornwallis, are featured in The Yorktown Chronicles, a new Web section of the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation site, hif.ciniva.net. In character portrayals, Washington and Cornwallis share the American and British perspective on key American Revolution topics in eight dynamic films.  The Yorktown Chronicles engage those interested in learning more about the Revolution through timelines, biographies, essays and a glossary of terms. 

Enjoy exploring this exciting new resource for American Revolution enthusiasts, students and educators.  Please share your impressions of The Yorktown Chronicles.

One thought on “The Yorktown Chronicles

  1. Patsy Powell says:

    I am a descendant of The Emigrant Colonel Richard Henry Lee, 1616-1664, who first gave Yorktown historical prominence as a colonial marketing exchange. I am including the early history of the Lee family of Virginia in a novel I am writing. I am excited to learn about your Chronicles. Please advise me about additional information surrounding the early history of Yorktown, and The Tidewater of Virginia, places of importance to the Lee family. Thank you very much.

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