Yorktown Gallery Sampler Tour

Are you a patriot or a loyalist? Find out which side of the Revolution you stand on as you explore our state-of-the-art interactive exhibits and displays in our gallery. Learn about the people, politics and issues that founded the United States of America. For all ages. Great for adults!

Program complies with VA Social Studies Standards of Learning. 


“This was a really good tour for our senior group.  There were seat and large easily seen exhibits. Everyone enjoyed the guide!” – Tour escort, Olli at University of Virginia

Program length: 1 hour; Rate: A

To book a tour or program, contact reservations:

(757) 253-4939 • (888) 868-7593 • fax (757) 253-4997 • group.reservations@jyf.virginia.gov

Groups of 15 or more require advance reservations.

Guided tour reservations required at least three business days in advance and are subject to availability. We recommend making tour reservations at least two months in advance for fall and winter trips, and up to four months in advance for trips in the spring.

Reservations are also requested for self-guided groups.

Consult Group Admission Rates,  Field Trip Planning Made Easy and the Teacher Checklist to prepare for your visit.