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Films and Interactives Tested to Prepare for Public Debut of American Revolution Museum at Yorktown Exhibition Galleries on October 15

Films and Interactives Tested for American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

Films and interactives are tested in preparation for the public debut of the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown galleries on October 15.  Shown clockwise, “The Siege of Yorktown” unfolds in an experiential theater with a 180-degree surround screen.  Among computer interactives are Personal Stories of the Revolution, which incorporates a personality quiz, and Battles of the Revolutionary War. Within a tavern in a re-created wharf setting, a short film chronicles the evolution in the relationship between American colonists and the British government leading to armed conflict.  Inside a tent that serves as a theater, “The First Great Victory” presents the story of the 1777 Battle of Saratoga, a turning point in the Revolution.